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Jurnal Plastik Rekonstruksi

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M. Rachadian Ramadan, MD 
Narrotama Tunjung H.,MD
March 2012 (On Going)
Twice a Year (March & September)
Lingkar Studi Bedah Plastik Foundation
Jakarta, Indonesia

Jurnal Plastik Rekonstruksi 
is a scientific international journal focusing on plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. The journal is peer-reviewed and open access, covering articles from all subdisciplines of plastic and reconstructive surgery, including burns, craniomaxillofacial, hand surgery, reconstructive microsurgery, and oncoplastic, wounds and experimental, external genital and aesthetic surgery. Basic science and experimental studies associated with plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery also covered. All scientific article types are welcomed, including clinical case reports and studies, experimental research, ideas and innovations, viewpoints and surgical techniques.

Jurnal Plastik Rekonstruksi is indexed by the following abstracting and indexing services such as Google Scholar, Sinta Ristekbrin, Portal Garuda, Lens, Wizdom AI, Dimension, WorldCat, and Scilit. Since 2020, Lingkar Studi Bedah Plastik Foundation as the publisher of  Jurnal Plastik Rekonstruksi has signed and implemented the DORA declaration. Currently, Jurnal Plastik Rekonstruksi is the official journal of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery Training Program, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia.

The plastic surgery community and researchers from any part of the world, from any socioeconomic level, are welcome to submit their study to JPR. The journals will always strive to be the open platform for plastic surgery research without any social, and politic barriers. The editorial boards sincerely hoped that the journals will serve as the catalyst to spread the science of plastic surgery to the world, improve patient safety, and increase surgical outcomes. JPR follows the overall purpose of the Lingkar Studi Bedah Plastik Foundation®, the supporting organization behind the journal, to teaches and sustain international plastic surgeons, to afford essential patient care, professional attitude and good ethical standards through education and research.

Top 5 Most Downloaded Articles:

1. Raymond et al. Medial Plantar Flap for Reconstruction of Heel Defect

2. Ibadurahman et al. Is The ‘Rule of Tens’ a Necessary Screening Criteria in Cleft Lip Surgeries

3. Martina et al. Mortality Analysis of Adult Burn Patients

4. Samiadji et al. Synechia of Major Labia and It’s Operative Technique: A Case Report

5. Utama et al. The Incidence of Palatal Fistula Postpalatoplasty in Children with Dental Caries: A Multi Centre Study


Top 5 Most Viewed Articles:

1. Martina et al. Mortality Analysis of Adult Burn Patients

2. Mahandaru et al. The Effect Of Aloe Vera On Healing Process Of Incision Wound

3. Prasetya et al. The Application of Moist Exposed Burn Ointment (MEBO) and Binahong Leaves in Treating Partial Thickness Burn : A Case Report

4. Tetrapod Fracture: Surgical Anatomy Revisited As A Guide For 3D Reduction Using Carroll Girard T-Bar Screw

5. Sukasah et al. Sidik-Chaula Urethroplasty and the Manset Flap for Non-Glanular Hypospadias Repair


Article Collection

Honey as Wound Treatment
Number of articles: 16
Created: 23 March 2020

We are pleased to announce to you our first article collections, chosen by JPR Editorial Boards. We have gathered our top articles discussing honey as wound treatment since 2012. With over 5000++ views and 3000++ downloads, the articles on honey have become the most popular articles in our journal. With the increasing number of the use of honey as wound treatment as well as the increasing interest in honey publications and writings, we present to you this collection of your great interest, which we think will be very educational and enriching.

The Editorial Boards would like to thank Dr. Gentur Sudjatmiko, Dr. Aditya Wardhana, Dr. Kristaninta Bangun, Dr. Siti Handayani, Dr. Prasetyanugraheni Kreshanti, Dr. Nandita Melati Putri for their contributions on this edition of JPR’s Article Collections. Click here to access the collection

Vol. 7 No. 1 (2020): March 2020

The editorial boards of the Jurnal Plastik Rekonstruksi,  M. Rachadian Ramadan, M.D., and teams are pleased to publish the release of the first issue of the seventh volume of the journal.

Jurnal Plastik Rekontruksi now publishes original, double-blinded peer-reviewed video case reports and case series of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery procedures used in the study, diagnosis, and treatment of conditions. Videos demonstrate surgery techniques, instruments, and design; report outcomes of surgical interventions, and educate physicians and patients about plastic surgery techniques also welcomed.  Jurnal Plastik Rekonstruksi Video Articles will consider the following types of submissions: Video Case Report, Video Case Series, and Surgical Techniques. Authors should consider these video categories and review recent issues of the journal when preparing submissions. Use the video article slide templates to prepare the video articles that can be found here.

The 4 newly published video articles all from Microsurgery sections are as follows:
* How To Harvest the Anterolateral Thigh Free Flap (Video Surgery Techniques) by Parintosa Atmodiwirjo, Mohamad Rachadian Ramadan, Sara Ester Triatmoko and Nadhira Anindita Ralena
* How to Harvest The Free Fibula Flap (Video Surgery Techniques) by Parintosa Atmodiwirjo, Mohamad Rachadian Ramadan, Sara Ester Triatmoko and Nadhira Anindita Ralena
* How to Harvest The Radial Forearm Free Flap (Video Surgery Techniques) by Parintosa Atmodiwirjo, Mohamad Rachadian Ramadan, Sara Ester Triatmoko and Nadhira Anindita Ralena
* Multi-stages Aesthetic Refinement Following Anterolateral Thigh Free Flap for Head and Neck Reconstruction (Video Case Report) by Parintosa Atmodiwirjo, Mohamad Rachadian Ramadan, Sara Ester Triatmoko and Maryam Nur Arina

In Burns we have an original article on Epidemiology of Burns Injury in dr. Iskak General Hospital Tulungagung: Two Years (2017-2018) Retrospective Study by Fiera Avrillia Ferdianty, M.D. and Santi Devina M.D. Also we published a review on Antioxidants Reduce Tissue Necrosis in The Zone of Stasis: Review of Burn Wound Conversion by Aditya Wardhana, M.D. and Jessica Halim, M.D.

In Wound Healing/Experimental, we have two articles:
* a review by Aditya Wardhana, Michelle Valeria on Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
* another review article by Jessica Halim, Noto Dwimartutie, exploring the effect of Honey that Accelerates Wound Healing in Pressure Ulcer

Thank you to our dedicated editorial boards and reviewers for their fantastic contributions to this issue. We hope readers enjoy it and welcome comments and feedback via letters to the editor for publication in our September issue. 

If you have an article or case you would like to submit for consideration, or a special topic, reviews, or practical, non-clinical skills for surgeons, and also video articles please view our guidelines here. 

Jurnal Plastik Rekonstruksi was established by the Lingkar Studi Bedah Plastik Foundation (LSBP), a non-profit organization, as the sole funder and sponsor. With its generous contribution toward operational and publication cost from the LSBP Foundation since 2012, Jurnal Plastik Rekonstruksi able to provide high-quality peer-reviewed articles to its reader, and granting most of its article’s author free to low Article Processing Charge (APC). Please read our APC and APC Waiver policy.

For questions relating to submissions, please email us at
If you would like to be notified when the September issue of JPR goes online, be sure to register as a reader here.

Published: 2020-08-31

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