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Imam Susanto


Background: Among  body  contouring  procedures, abdominoplasty  is  a  procedure,  which  cosmetic surgery patients seek most frequently. The aim of abdominoplasty is to fulfill the ideal appearance of the abdomen  without complication.  Optimal  results  and  proposed  best  accuracy measurement  tool for abdominal dimension will be presented.
Patients  and  Methods: Two  female  patients  with  abdomen  type  III  and  IV,  underwent  surgical correction with choice of total abdominolipectomy. Pre-operative and post-operative evaluations and photographs  of  patients  were  documented.  Appearance of  abdomen,  quality  of  the scar,  and  navel
were evaluated.
Results: Total abdominolipectomy was performed in two cases of woman with abdomen type III and IV.  All  of  the  patients  have  shown  abdominal  dimension  reduction  and  the  result  was  good  and satisfying. Author proposed a measurement  including abdominal dimension in three different  levels of circumference : midline point circumference between navel to xyphoid, navel level circumference, and  anterior  superior  spina  illiac  level  circumference,  quality  of  scar,  navel,  and  abdominal appearance, which are documented before surgery, three weeks after surgery and  three months  post surgery.
Summary:  Optimal  outcome  in  abdominoplasty  is determined  not  only  by  appropriate  surgical technique,  but  also  by  the  selection  design,  how  the  dissection  is  done,  the  excision,  suturing technique, and post-surgical care treatment. Author proposed  a measurement form  evaluated  by the surgeon, patient, and observer to collect more precise objective and subjective results.


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